Virtual Meetings
Virtual communications have proven to be one of the vital means of communication in recent times. For businesses, communication is the root of everything. Choosing the best platform is challenging, but in this case, e-Tectra stands alone. Our modern technologies and features give the best and relying upon experience for any virtual meet.
  • From Q&A Sessions to Polling, Surveys, and Feedbacks, we provide you the most suitable interaction medium.
  • We also hold a firm commitment from the beginning of a project, starting from event creation, production facility, and post-event reporting to summing up with fixing encounters with unknown bugs and errors to run your show smoothly.

Online Class-rooms

E-learning is having a significant impact on the students and as well as the education system. As we’re heading towards digitalization, learning has become more practical and interactive. A digital classroom can be taken as a replica of a classroom at the school. The tutors and students interact via technology and digital tools. Everything happens in real-time. e-Tectra provides enhanced digital platforms for learners and tutors to conducts their classes virtually without any interruption. Our technology combines various tools to enable full-fledged conduction of tests, polls, and a powerful presentation system for better visualization.

Business Meetings

e-Tectra offers a virtual platform for business and corporate meetings. Our technology is fast, efficient, and secure for web conferences. Present your ideas, showcase your presentation, interact, and take feedbacks with our virtual business meeting platform.